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we are happy that you found the way to our new homepage! at our shop you will find many different types of absinthes and absynths from all over the world. we sell absynth from Suisse, Spain, France, Tschechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slowenia and of course from Austria. have much fun at our homepage and we hope that you find the right stuff you are searching for!

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imprint - specialised in absynth is a webshop from austria with many different types of absinthe and absynths from all over the world. we offer a big selection of green fairies with or without anis. all our provided products include the legal allowed content of thujon and the different tastes range from bitter to sweet. we can also support you with brands of pernod, pastis and a few other specialities. if you have any question simply use our contact form.


preparation, cocktail recipes and the history of absinthe

it is realy important that you use the right ritual for the absinthe of your choice. so if you are not sure how to consume your favourite brand have a look at our section called preparation. for those who prefer to drink the absynth in a cocktail we also offer a selection with over hundred different recipes.

we only sell the different absynths to people who are 18 years or above. we are not responsible for the misuse of our products in any way! with your order, you confirm to be over 18 and you do not act against any relevant laws in your country!

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